About Us

Forty-Five Social became a name, a brand, an identity, a lifestyle and a reality the way it
organically was meant to be. Sitting around a table enjoying a beverage and the company of
great friends. And the idea grew into the entity that we are so honoured to share with you....

Golden Arch
Golden Arch

Our Vision

To pursue your passions and seek your higher purpose in life regardless of judgement. Forty-Five Social is committed to creating an experience with a sense of community, empowerment and belonging.

We will offer fashionable and affordable mens wear, mens grooming and personal care items, as well as a social/relaxed atmosphere that captures the essence of the 21st century man

Our Mission Statement

To offer our customers a relaxing and welcoming environment where they can shop, groom, or simply sit and enjoy a beverage while socializing. It is our mission to have our customers leave our store feeling confident, refreshed and unapologetic.

Our Values

Respect for yourself, others and of course, style! Quality products and services. A welcoming environment for all. Customer Service that focuses on on individual needs and wants.

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Golden Arch
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Our Team